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Wildlife Management Services

Wildlife Management Services:


Our many rural customers in the Auburn, Colfax and surrounding areas of Placer and Nevada Counties, often experience unwanted wildlife near their homes and property. We refer out trapping to a licensed Fish & Game trapper and who offers live and humane trapping, removal, and exclusion services for the following animals:

• Skunks
• Raccoons
• Wild pigs
• Opossums
• Coyotes
• Squirrels
• Snakes

Their technician will place and bait a humane trap, and once the animal is confined in the trap, they will, at the customer’s preference, either remove the animal, or immediately release the animal on the customer’s property.

They use harmless and non-toxic baits whenever possible, for example, some favorites are egg and peanut butter.

We also offer exclusion services for birds and bats. The technician, once the animal has vacated the inhabited area, will seal the entrance to prevent re-entry.


Click here for a referral to our local wildlife trapper


We are proud members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.