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Mosquito Treatment

Enjoy a mosquito free summer with our safe and effective mosquito treatment. Mosquitoes don’t only make your outdoor events less enjoyable, they can also carry dangerous and deadly diseases. Our mosquito treatment uses safe, natural botanical oils to keep mosquitoes away from your house and outdoor areas.


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Safe, Natural, Effective

Our mosquito treatment is effective at keeping mosquitoes away from your home and is safe for your family, friends, and pets. Our treatment uses a special blend of all-natural botanical oils that make mosquitoes leave the area. Our special granules release these oils each time they get wet for lasting protection.

Perimeter Fogging

We fog the perimeter of your home with a natural botanical mosquito repellent that leaves a coating on leaves, bushes, and lawn areas to keep mosquitoes away.

Lawn Treatment

We treat the lawn areas around your home with a natural botanical granule that activates and releases oils every time you water your lawn.

Water Treatment

Small water features around your home are treated with a larvacide that moquito larvae feed on; eliminating them before they become mosquitoes.

360 Degree Protection

Our mosquito treatment consists of three separate treatments that repel mosquitoes from your entire home. This makes it the ideal solution for all of your outdoor activities including:

  • Parties
  • BBQs
  • Weddings
  • Outdoor dining
  • Outdoor sports and games
  • Pools


The all-natural botanical mix is effective and safe for humans and animals.

Effective and Easy

Complete protection means no more need for sprays, candles, or nets.

Environmentally Friendly

Our treatment is made of natural oils that are safe for the environment.

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