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Gold Miner Pest Control was started with the idea that customer service and satisfaction were the most important part of running a business. This year we celebrate our 25th year in business keeping our customers happy and their homes pest free.

We started as a single person operation with a single truck and have since expanded to a six person team with five trucks. You can find more information about our team members here. We are still a family-owned business located right here in the foothills.

While our company has grown, our focus on customer service has grown even stronger. All the decisions we make are based on how we can make your experience better; including how we hire our technicians, our choice to use the best products and equipment, and our no contract services. We base our business around your satisfaction.

Our technicians are chosen and trained not just for their technical skills and knowledge but also for their kind personalities and strong moral character. We consider them part of our family and enjoy working with them.

While many companies have chosen less expensive hand sprayers to save costs, we use power sprayers on the outside because it allows us to better cover your house and reach higher areas on your home. Better coverage means fewer pest problems for the customer.

We offer a no contract service because we want you to stay with us for the great service, not because you are forced to. Our service is 100% guaranteed and we offer retreats at no additional charge.

At our customer’s request, we offer wildlife pest management. This means we can remove and exclude skunks, raccoons, wild pigs, opossums, coyotes, squirrels, birds, and bats from your home. We can also hang bat houses to so bats stay near your house and continue to eat the flying insects.

All natural mosquito treatment is another service we added at our customers request. Our service uses no toxic chemicals and is pet and kid friendly. Since it uses a blend of botanical oils, it even smells nice while keeping the mosquitoes away

Our service is different from other companies because and our focus is on you. Great customer service has allowed us to stay in business for 25 years. But don’t take our word for it. Look at what these customers have written about our service.

Here’s to 25 years of great relationships and 25 more to come. Thank you for being our customer!