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The first major storm is on its way here in Northern California. After a long warm summer and fall, winter finally seems to be descending. This weeks storm will bring cold temperatures to the valley and lower foothills (Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln Loomis, Auburn) and possibly snow to the higher foothills in places like Alta.

What may seem like the end of the season for pest control, is actually a change in the pests and the types of problems we deal with.

The pests are also noticing these weather changes and are doing their best to seek shelter. Where the pests were previously trying to escape the heat and find water, they are now trying to find a warm, dry place to make a nest.

A warmer than normal fall has allowed many pests to keep thriving. You’ve likely noticed insects around that shouldn’t be here this time of the year such as ants, bees and wasps, and spiders. These pests will now be trying to find warmer, safer places away from the cold.

Once they are inside, and depending on the species of pest, they will either lie dormant or continue to multiple, emerging when the warm weather returns as a much bigger problem.

Don’t let them catch you unaware. Below are some basic tips you can use to stop pests from getting into your home.

Ants, wasps, spiders, and other insects

Pest Control

Ants, wasps, spiders, roaches, earwigs, and other insects will be trying to enter your home to avoid the cold weather. This is a perfect time to have your home sprayed to avoid issues in the spring. Our pest control spray service leaves a protective barrier that eliminates insect pests as they try to enter your home.

It stops them the problem before it ever has a chance to start. Prevention being the most cost efficient and effective method is why the majority of our customers choose our bi-monthy pest control service.

Eliminating an established ant nest that is producing thousands of ants can be difficult and take time. Eliminating the queen before she has a chance to enter your home is much easier and less stressful.


This is also an important time to check possible entryways into your home. Check lines attached to your house, and remove tree branches that insects (or rodents) might be able to use as a bridge. You can find more at the following link on keeping ants and pests off you house.

Also check door seals, window seals, and small holes around electrical or water pipes entering your home.


Rodents are one of the big pest control problems as the weather gets cold. Mice and Rats that have been reproducing and gathering food and water during the warmer months, will now seek warmth and shelter.

Rats and mice are extremely resilient and very flexible. They can fit through holes much smaller than their bodies. They can also chew their way in. Rats have been known to chew through iron.

Prevention: Rat and Mice Pest Control

Once again, prevention is the key here. The best way to avoid rodent problems is to have a rodent pest control service. Our service places safe and secure bait stations at key locations around your home. The rats and mice find these bait stations and are eliminated before they try to enter your home.

This is effective for two key reasons. First our bait stations are placed in key locations around your house. The rats will travel these areas before entering your home. Second, we use multiple baits to make it more attractive to mice and rats.

Blocking Entryways

As with the insects, it is important to block possible entryways. This means sealing holes and cracks rodents might be able to enter. Larger holes can be sealed with wood or mesh wire. Smaller areas and gaps around pipes can be sealed by filling them with steel wool. Mice and rats don’t like the feel of steel wool on their noses.

Prevention is Key

The easiest way to deal with pests in your house is to avoid letting them into your house at all. Preventative maintenance is more effective and much easier than dealing with them once they have created a nest in your home. Taking the actions mentioned above will help avoid any major difficulties and stop pests from damaging your home.

Getting Pest Out of Your Home

If rodents or insects have already entered your home, don’t worry. Our technicians are professionals with years of experience at solving pest issues efficiently and effectively, while causing minimal disturbance. Most of the time you won’t even know we are there. Contact us for a free quote.

It is important to take care of the issue as soon as you notice it. What might start as something small can quickly escalate. Pests can cause damage to your home and be a health risk if not taken care of.

Stay safe this winter and Happy Thanksgiving!