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The house centipede is one of the creepier pests to find in your home. They have lots of long hairy legs, even longer antennae, and are very fast. You may just see a blur as they run from under one object to another. Their bite, while rare, can be painful.

While mostly harmless, and beneficial because they eat other insects, the house centipedes speed and grotesque looks makes it one of the more despised insects. They are generally a couple inches in size and are light to dark brown in color.

House centipedes prefer dark, moist areas for their habitat. Basements, sub-areas, garages, and bathrooms and kitchens are all common places to find them.

The best way to keep house centipedes and other centipedes away from your home is to remove debris, rotting logs, garbage, and other items from around your house. Removing these items reduces the number of places that can hold moisture and reduces cover for centipedes. Removing areas that collect moisture such as dripping pipes and faucets is also important.

The next step is to keep your house protected. Our bi-monthly pest control service keeps a layer of spray around your home that eliminates centipedes and other insects before they can get into your house.

In the right conditions, house centipedes can multiply fast and quickly turn into an infestation if left untreated. In this case, a full treatment, both inside and outside will be necessary to eliminate the problem.

If you are having problems with house centipedes or other pests, please contact us for additional information.