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Look up just about any top lists of fears and you will find spiders in the top ten. There is good reason for this too, a spider bite can be painful and even lethal. The black widow, which we have here in Northern California, is among the deadliest spiders in the world.

In addition, spiders can surround our homes in webs, collecting dust, dead bugs, and other objects. These webs are often located in high areas which are difficult to remove. While many spiders are beneficial, catching and eating other pests, it is a good idea to keep them off of, and away from your home.

Northern California is growing at a rapid rate with large housing divisions being built in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Meadow Vista, and all throughout Placer and Nevada Counties. Homes often sit long periods of time before the new owners move in. This allows spiders to populate the house with little problem.


From a spider’s perspective, your house is the perfect place to build a web and start laying eggs. It is has large overhangs out of the rain and direct sunlight, several points for attaching webs, and lights that attract a large number of insects to get caught in their webs. The key to keeping them off of your home then is to make sure they can’t easily reach it.

Remove Vegetation and Tree Branches

Bushes, trees, and other plants that touch your home make perfect bridges for spiders to get to your home. Ants and other insects also commonly use these methods to get into your home. Trimming trees and plants makes it more difficult for spiders to reach your home.

Remove Debris

Fallen trees, burn piles, toys, parked cars, and other things left in your yard and around your home allow spiders and other insects to hide and grow in numbers before getting to your home. Keeping the area around your home as clean as possible will help reduce the spiders ability to travel under cover and hide from natural predators such as birds.

Maintain A Barrier of Spray

Maintain a barrier of spray around your home. Our spray contains a residual that will eliminate any spiders and insects that try to enter your home. This is especially effective because it eliminates them before they have a chance to create a web or start laying eggs.

Our service is a Bi-Monthly service that is guaranteed to keep your home insect and spider free. Spiders and insects are eliminated before they have a chance to get into your home. You can find more about our service here: Gold Miner Pest Control Services. You can also contact us at (530) 878-8786 for a free quote.

We also offer a one-shot service.

Remove the Webs

Using a round brush with a long pole, remove all webbing. Removing the webbing stops other spiders from using a previous web and stops debris and dust from building up. Web Brushes can be found at most hardware stores for around $20-$30.

We remove the webs from your home as part of our normal service.