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Earwigs are a very successful species of insect. They are located on every continent except Antarctica and are abundant here in Northern California. Earwigs are especially common in more rural and wooded areas such as Auburn, Grass Valley, and Meadow Vista. They can also be very common in new subdivisions such as Rocklin, Roseville, and Lincoln. They are generally brown in color and are easily identified because of the large pincers located on their rear. If caught or threatened they will try to use this pincer in defense.

Their large pincers make them look scarier than they actually are. The pincers are harmless to humans. Their main claim to fame as a pest is due to their eating habits. Earwigs will commonly eat plants, vegetables, and flowers. Their flat shape allows them to enter small spaces to get into your home in search of food and water. Similar to cockroaches, they are mostly nocturnal, spending most of their time during the day hiding in dark, damp areas.

Nesting Habits

Earwigs tend to nest near or under the foundations of homes where they are able to reproduce without being noticed. Because of this, their numbers can grow rapidly. Earwigs prefer dark and damp conditions similar to those sought after by millipedes and centipedes. Unlike many insects, earwigs will take care of their eggs and their young.

Prevention and Removal

The key in preventing growing populations of earwigs is to remove their ideal environment. Earwigs prefer damp environments. Removing these environments will reduce their chance to reproduce and deter them from nesting in and around your home.

  1. Make sure the foundation around your home is dry. Fix leaking pipes and make sure there is a dry boundary between your lawn and the house.
  2. Make sure the underside of your house is dry. Due to the area being completely protected from the sun, even a small drip can create the perfect conditions for earwigs.
  3. Remove leaf matter and other objects that earwigs can nest under. The cleaner the outside of your house, the fewer earwigs you will have. This is true for most pests.
  4. Seal windows, doors, and any other entrance points into the house with caulking and weather stripping.

Pest Control Service

We offer both a One-time pest control service as well as a no-contract, Bi-monthly pest control service. The One-time service will get rid of your earwig problem. The Bi-monthly service will get rid of your earwig problem and keep a layer of spray around your home that keeps earwigs and all other insects out of your home. Please contact us at (530) 878-8786 for a quote. You can also reach us through our website here: Gold Miner Pest Control.

Combining a clean and dry foundation with a pest control service is a strong combination to getting rid of your earwig problem and keeping the other numerous pests away from your home.