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Paper wasps are medium-sized, black and yellow wasps. Adults mostly feed on nectar, but prey on small insects, spiders, and grubs to feed their young. They can also be attracted to other types of protein such as BBQ food (hotdogs, hamburgers). Paper wasps are so named because they make their nests out of a paper pulp created from chewed up wood.

paper wasp nest

The queen will start building her nest in early spring. Once the first worker bees hatch, they will take over work on the nest and it can quickly expand to six inches or more. The picture below is Ted holding a nest that can hold hundreds of wasps.

Paper wasps tend to be less aggressive than yellow jackets (meat bees) and hornets. Unfortunately, they often like to nest under the eaves, in vents, and similar places in close proximity to your home. Close proximity means you will likely come in contact with them and they may feel threatened enough to attack.

Paper Wasps can both bite and sting. Both are painful. Unlike honey bees, they are able to sting multiple times. In addition, they also release a pheromone which will alert other wasps to attack as well.


Yellow jacket nest open

As with many pest problems, the key to treatment is to spray and remove the nest as soon as possible. The ideal time is when the queen is still building the initial nest. This will eliminate the queen and stop her from creating additional worker bees.

An even better method is to make sure your home is treated in the early spring before the queen emerges. When she touches the house to start building her nest, she will pick up the residual spray, eliminating her and the problem before it ever starts.

One of the difficulties treating paper wasp nests is often the location of the nest. Paper wasps tend to build their nests in locations that are difficult to get to such as high eaves or inside of vents. This requires special equipment or puts you in such a position that it is difficult to retreat once the wasps attack.

Always keep a good distance when treating a paper wasps. The wasps will begin flying out to attack as soon as they are sprayed. If one wasp finds you, they will use their pheromones to alert the other wasps of your location.

Gold Miner Pest Control Treatment

Spraying eves

If you have paper wasps, it is important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. We will eliminate the wasps, remove the nest, and leave a residual spray that will continue to eliminate additional wasps, ants, and other insect pests that come in contact with your home.

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