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Roseville is an ideal place to live. It’s close to the larger, busier Sacramento and has a number of great businesses and culture centers while still having areas of nature. Want to go to the mountains, lakes, or rivers? There are several just a short drive away.

Because Roseville is at the base of the foothills, it has many of the same pest control problems as its neighbors Lincoln, Rocklin, Folsom, and Auburn. The wet winters and hot dry summers drive ants, spiders, rodents and other pests seeking shelter from the elements and a supply of water and food into homes. Once these pests have established themselves in your home, they can be difficult to get out.

Roseville, CA History

Over the last several decades, Roseville has grown at an astounding pace. This is likely due to its higher than average job growth rates, great weather, and higher than average income. You can find more about Roseville’s growth statistics here.

Roseville was originally started as a town in 1909 at the end of the gold rush. As Roseville City’s Official “About Roseville” page puts it “What started as a town developed by disappointed miners from the famed Gold Rush has blossomed into a thoroughly developed, independent city boasting an estimated population of 128,382 residents (as of January 1, 2015)” You can find the full article here. There are three colleges within driving distance including Sierra Community College, California State University, Sacramento, and the University of California, Davis. Sierra College also has a branch campus in Roseville. Whether you want the big city feel or like the outdoors, Roseville has a lot to offer.

Common Roseville Pests

As mentioned above, Roseville has many of the same common pests as its surrounding neighbors. Pests like odorous house ants, yellow jackets, black widow spiders, and of course, mice, rats, and bats. These pests all have their own life cycles but are all driven by the same things: water, food, and a comfortable place to nest. From their point of view, what better place than our homes which are cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and contain a never ending supply of food and water. If you are an insect or a rodent, it probably doesn’t get any better.

Prevention is the key to keeping your home pest free. Doing routine pest control on your home or hiring a pest control company to protect your home from rodents and routinely spray your home keeps pests from getting established.

Pest Control for your Roseville Home

Whether you decide to do your own pest control or you hire a pest control company, there are three main steps to keeping your home protected from pests.

1. Seal Your Home

Search for any areas where pests might be able to gain access to the inside of your home. Common areas are doors, windows, and places where cords and pipes enter through your walls or sub-floor. Reseal windows and doors and fill any cracks with silicone. Larger holes can be filled with steel wool to keep out rodents. Rats can chew through just about anything, but they don’t like steel wool.

2. Remove Debris and Pathways

Removing debris around your home helps remove potential nesting spots and areas that make is easier for pests to travel to your home. Keep shrubs and tree branches away from your house. Other common areas to watch are cables and lines attached to your house. One way to stop pests is to make sure they can’t get across the line. Here is a video on how to do that: Ants on the line. In areas like Roseville where there are many homes, Ants can travel from one house to another using power and telephone lines.

3. Keep a Protective Barrier on Your Home

Keeping a layer of spray around your home stops pests before they can ever enter. Spray the base of your home and also spray areas around windows and doors (make sure they are closed). Depending on the product you are using, this process will need to be repeated on a regular basis.

Another area that is important to spray are the eaves of your home. The eaves are a common nesting area for spiders, bees, and wasps. This is best done with a power sprayer so you can be at a distance. A power sprayer is especially needed for many of the larger, two-story homes found in Roseville. When doing pest control on your home, always be sure to wear the proper protection.

Pest Free Home

With the right precautions, you will keep your Roseville home pest free. Pay special attention to the seasons as the weather and temperature change. Sharp changes in temperature and precipitation will push pests to enter your home in search of food and water or to avoid the hot or cold temperatures. This is also true for spring as many insects start hatching and looking to setup nests. Take action yourself or contact your pest control company as soon as you notice pests in or around your home. It is much easier to get pests out in the beginning before they have established a nest.