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Winter is here in our foothill area which means so are the problem mice. These small rodents are looking for warm shelter and food and your home seems perfect for them. They grow from 1 to 7 inches and are white, brown, and gray. These guys are nocturnal so that is why you usually hear them when you’re ready for a good night sleep. During the night the mice are up playing, eating, and building their nests. Playing is not the problem. The problem in the Auburn area is them getting into your food and spreading disease and building their nests by chewing up your books, insulation, and wires which leads to expensive damage and a huge headache.
Mice not only do a lot of damage but they start reproducing at just 4 weeks of age and continue to give birth every 3 weeks so it is good to get rid of this foothill problem before you quickly become infested. An uncommon fact about mice is that their teeth continually grow so they have to file them down and mice will do that by chewing on wires in your home or vehicle, the wood that your house is made of, and even pipes in your house for water or heat.
If you think that you may have mice, give Gold Miner Pest Control a call. We will come out and assess the situation in the Placer and Nevada counties and set up a plan to not only get rid of the mice but fix the problem area so there is no re-entering your home so you can get back to sleeping.