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Insulation destroyed by ants

You wouldn’t think that a creature so small can do so much damage. An odorous house ant, the little black ants that get into everything and stink when you smash them, are about the same size as the tip of a pen. We all think of them as being nuisances, but can they really do that much damage to your home? The answer is a resounding yes.

While they may not be that big, they go to work in big numbers. Moving one sand of grain at a time is certainly a slow process. However, they have thousands and thousands of workers who are working around the clock. And instead of sand, its your home they are destroying.

These pictures show the insulation that odorous house ants are throwing out of the ceiling of a customers house in Alta, CA. What they are doing is creating tunnels in the pressed foam board panels. The worker ants will grab a piece of the insulation with there mandibles, carry it to the edge of the wood and spit it out. The ants are creating a nest site inside the insulation.

As you can see from the pictures, there was debris falling from the ceiling in multiple locations.

In this picture we are treating the groves of the ceiling with a foam residual insecticide. When the ants go to the groves of the ceiling to spit out the insulation, they will pick up the insecticide on the suction cups of there feet. They will then return back to the colony and transfer the residual throughout the colony. Our goal is to get the residual to the queen. If she dies, the colony dies.

alta pest control ant job