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Auburn Pest Control Removing Wasp Nest from Ceiling

These pictures show Ted removing a Yellow Jacket nest from the ceiling of a customers house in Auburn CA. The customer called us when he saw what looked like a water stain on the ceiling of his daughter’s room. After hearing a chewing and buzzing noise coming from the area he realized it was some kind of wasp and gave us a call.

What appears to be a water stain is actually what is left of the sheet rock. The Yellow Jackets had chewed through most of the sheet rock and only the paper on the outside remained.  This means they were very close to breaking through and would be able to enter the room. Once that happens, they will become very aggressive and will bite and sting anyone close by.

If you ever come across a situation like this give us a call. Yellow Jackets are very aggressive and can both sting and bite. Dealing with them inside the house is even more difficult! We recommend having your house sprayed and putting up traps in early spring to prevent the nests from getting started. Doing so allows you to get the queens before they ever have a chance to start a nest.

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