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Colfax Pest Control: wasps in vent

You’ve probably noticed that bugs seem to be out in full force. These are pictures from a Colfax house that we did pest control on. The customer was having problems with wasps, but wasn’t sure where they were coming from. The nest was accidentally discovered when they had a worker come out to clean their roof. He bumped the vent and the wasps began stinging.

Colfax, CA wasps in roof vent

Gold Miner Pest Control to the rescue. We were able to locate the problem and get rid of the wasps. The wasps had actually built three separate nests inside the vent. With each one of those nests producing more wasps, that make for a large wasp problem in a short amount of time. Notice all the white dots on the nests in the first picture. Those are all eggs and larva. With the long summer ahead in Colfax they will have plenty of time to make many more. Being located in the vents can also give them possible access inside the house.

If you ever hear wasps buzzing in a vent in the house (likely in a bathroom or kitchen) or you see them going in and out of a vent on the roof, you probably have wasps establishing a nest there. Give us a call and we will take care of the problem.

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