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It’s getting hot and dry. We are all looking to get out of the heat and get a cold drink. When I say all, I mean pests too! The below photos are of an Auburn Pest Control job that we completed today to keep the mice out of a customer’s house.

Mice can get in anywhere! This is an exclusion job (excluding the mice from the house) that Gold Miner Pest Control preformed today at a customers house in Auburn, CA. Frustrated that they could not get their mouse problem under control, the customer called us. They have been  trapping mice in there basement for over two months and they could not figure out how the mice were getting in. The customer called us out to help them find and close the openings.

 Auburn Pest Control mouse exclusion 3

After a thorough inspection, our technician was able to locate multiple entrance areas. These pictures show the areas where the mice were gaining access to the basement. The openings were under the edge of the deck. The area was open to the subfloor insulation, which the mice were using to nest in and access the basement.

Auburn Pest Control mouse exclusion 2

The other area we discovered was around the edge of the dryer vent on the foundation, which also led to the basement. After sealing off the access points, the technician told the customer to continue to set there traps to catch any remaining mice. the customer was relived to finally have there mouse problem under control!

Auburn Pest Control mouse exclusion 1

Mice and other pests will be trying even harder to get into homes as the summer continues to heat up. If you are having any problems with pests please contact us. We would love to help you with your problem.

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