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When it comes to Auburn Pest Control, taking care of the problem is important, but you also have to take care of the cuase. Auburn has beautiful forests with lots of nature. That means a lot of pests will be trying to get into our homes. Now that the weather has gotten cold, rats and other pests are searching for warmer and dryer spots to make their nests. In their eyes, your home is perfect.

This is a job we were called out on in Auburn. The Rats had moved into the house and the owner had originally contacted another company to handle the problem. That pest control company did the service, but didn’t solve the problem (as you can see in this picture). The rats had easy access into the house and kept coming back.

This shows how important it is to do a thorough inspection and locate the entrance point.  Before doing any kind of treatment, we always do a complete inspection to understand the problem. Then we can decide the best way to handle it. . If you do not locate where rodents are coming in and seal off these areas, the problem will never permanently go away. The rats and mice will get heavier during the winter months do to the heavy rains and snow driving them inside looking for shelter. Make sure you are prepared for them.

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If pest have already made it into your home. Give us a call or contact us via e-mail: Contact.