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Since it’s around Halloween, you may have thought that the scratching and buzzing sounds you heard from the attic were just your imagination. You were probably right. However, for one customer in Auburn that sound was a nest of yellowjackets destroying her ceiling to build their nest.

A hole that the yellowjackets made in the ceiling

Yellowjackets have a nasty sting and bite, and are very agressive. They are definitely not a pest you want coming out of your ceiling. They are bad enough outside the house, without trying to deal with them in a closed space.

The cooling weather drives more insects inside in search of heat and food. They will then work to build their nests through the colder weather, then come out in full force once the weather heats up. Since we have had a warmer winter this year, the yellowjackets have been able to continue their activity and even made this nice, convenient to use hole in the ceiling.

The yellowjackets chewed through the sheet rock and paper and used it to build their nest.

Gold Miner was called out to do pest control on this Auburn home and we were able to take care of the problem. We also made sure the customer’s house is protected from any other pests that might try to move in. As we have mentioned in other posts (Auburn Pest Control), prevention is the best and most effective method to keep pests out. It is also the cheapest. Having to replace your ceiling, structure, or damaged goods can get very expensive.

Gold Miner Pest Control has a number of services available to make sure that your home is protected from pests all year round. We keep your house protected and the pests never have a chance to move in and do any damage.