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Ghosts, skeletons, comic heroes, princesses, and all kinds of other characters will be flooding the streets on Halloween. Halloween also brings lots of candy and pumpkins, and these two things can lead to bugs and other pests.To us a piece of candy is a snack, but to ants it’s more like a whole house made of sugar. A pumpkin is like James and the Giant peach times 10.

Getting around not having pumpkins and candy is nearly impossible, so the trick is to make sure that they are cleaned up well. Make sure that all the seeds and innards of the pumpkin are properly disposed of and that any residue is cleaned up. Carving the pumpkins outside and away from the house is an even better idea. Make sure that you dispose of the pumpkins soon after halloween is finished. The longer they are left out the more pests they will attract. If you have a compost pile, the pumpkins can go in to get rid of them immediately. You can put them out with your regular trash as well.

Candy can attract ants and other pests if left where they can get it. Make sure that it is put away in a safe, preferably sealable place. Also, make sure that any pieces that are dropped are cleaned very well.A crumb to us is a is a meal for them.

Above all, have a happy and safe halloween.

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