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You had ants, bees, or some other pest invade your home. You’ve called Gold Miner Pest Control to take care of your problem. Our technicians are highly trained and know the best way to take care of whatever pests you have. ¬†However, there are also some things that you can do to help our pest control service be as effective as possible.

The first thing is actually something you can do before the service actually takes place. That’s to move things away from your home. Our technicians are very careful not to spray things that you might touch and moving your items away from the house allows them to put down a more complete layer of spray. You can see the following link for more information on how to prepare your house: Gold Miner Pest Control.

This next tip is an important one to make sure that you get the most out of your service. It also requires very little effort. Refrain from cleaning! Once the spray starts taking effect, you may see dead insects. Refrain for cleaning these up for at least a couple of days. When you clean up the dead insects, you will also be removing the spray.

This also goes for live insects, especially for things insects like ants. Because of the way the spray acts, you may see live ants or insects shortly after your home is sprayed. This is natural and a good thing. The spray is designed so that the ants pick up part of the chemical and take it back to their nest. If you kill the ants when you see them, you will stop the chemical from getting back to the nest. If the nest survives, then the ants problem will come back. Instead, refrain from cleaning and let the ants come and go as they please. In the few days, you should notice that the ants are gone. By doing, or rather not doing this one simple thing will will ensure that the spray we lay down is effective and that your pest problems disappear.