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When ants move into your home and begin building their nest they may go unnoticed for a while. If you don’t notice their trails leading to food or water it may seem like they don’t exist. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing damage, as this customer in Auburn, CA found out.

While we generally think of the large carpenter ants, termites, and carpenter bees when it comes to structural damage to our home, even the tiny odorous house ants can do a lot of damage.

Once the odorous house ants move into your home, the queen to will choose a place she feels is suitable and safe for the nest. More than often this place of choice is in the wood structure of your home. The damage may not always be visible, but if you hear scratching in the walls or you are noticing wood dust falling from the walls or ceiling there is a good chance you have a pest.

This customer got lucky. Rather than the ants moving in and doing damage to the structure of their home, the ants decided to move into storage boxes. All the white on the outside of the boxes that you see in these pictures is styrofoam. The ants have chewed through the styrofoam and moved it out of the box to build their nest. The odorous house ant may not be big, but they have large numbers to get the work done. Left alone they can make quick work of your home. Make sure they never get the chance!

Auburn, CA has a lot of forest and this means that the bugs and pests are never far away. Make sure your home is protected. This customer gave us a call and we were able to come out right way and take care of the problem.