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We are definitely in the middle of summer and the temperatures and lack of water has pests trying to get into our homes. Since you are also trying to keep your home cool by letting the air travel, that means that screen windows and doors are the last defense.

A while back we did an article on how to prepare your home to best keep pests out. You can find that article here: Auburn Pest Control. What we didn’t cover in that article was screens.

When you open up your home to let air in, it also lets a lot of scents and smells out. Pests are attracted to smells that come from water and food, and will begin moving towards your home. Mosquitos are also attracted to the CO2 that we exhale when we breath. In addition, many insects are also attracted to light and will attempt to enter your home through the windows or doors if they can.

Check your screen and make sure that they are properly sealed around the frame. Also, look at the condition of the screen itself and make sure that the pattern is even and tight. Insects can find even small holes.

If you find that the screen needs to be replaced, there are several options. The cheapest of which is to purchase screen material and replace the screen yourself. It’s not too difficult, but does require a bit of time. Some stores will also provide this service for a fee. Depending on the store, they may come to your home or you may need to take the frame to them. Lastly, if the frame is also in bad shape, then you may want to consider buying a completely new screen door or window.

Having your house sprayed for pests by Gold Miner Pest Control will dramatically reduce the number of pests trying to get through your screen doors and windows.

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