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Pest control in Gold Run for carpenter bees. Gold Run is a small town about 20-30 minutes north of Auburn, CA and has a large number of carpenter bees. For anyone who is wondering what kind of damage carpenter bees can really do, look at the picture above. Luckily, this is a stump. Damage similar to this in a home would basically make it unsafe to live in. The house would need major repairs which would end up costing thousands and thousands of dollars.

If you are wanting to know just how big carpenter bees are, you can see a slightly blurred one in the middle right of the picture. They are similar in size to bumble bees, but are generally all black. They are also usually not as agressive. They create their nests by boring into wood rather than nesting in the ground as bumble bees do.

Depending on the location of the entrence of these holes, they may not always be easy to spot. However, you probably will notice the large bees and also the wood dust that is being removed. You may also notice stains around the entrance holes.

There are a few ways you can prevent carpenter bees from attacking your home. The first is to try and keep “bare” wood to a minimum. Make sure that you wood is properly treated and painted. This alone can help deter carpenter bees as they prefer untreated wood. Also, make sure that there are no small entrances into your home. Treating the wood won’t be much good if they can get to it on the untreated side.

The video below goes through some of the basic behaviors of carpenter bees. I should note that the carpenter bees we have here in Northern California are mostly all black and not the yellow ones shown in the video. Having your house sprayed early in the spring puts down a layer of protection that will keep the carpenter bees off your home. If you already have carpenter bees, please contact us. We would be glad to take care of them for you.

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