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Foxes are cute and smart animals. The cute part is great, but the smart part can be a problem if they are living near your home, as this dutch flat customer found out.

Foxes not only go after your pets food, but they may also go after your smaller pets and livestock as well. This is especially true if you have ducks or chickens. Since foxes are so smart and agile they can find small flaws in cages.

In addition, foxes, like other wild animals, can also carry parasites and diseases. It is especially common for them to carry ticks and fleas.

The customer called Gold Miner Pest Control and we were able to setup some traps. The fox was located to a new location away from homes. The costumer and the fox are both much happier.

These problems will be increasing even more as the summer months go by with less and less water. Animals will have to search farther and harder for food and water and will be attracted to your home. If you have pests moving into your area, give us a call. Gold Miner Pest Control