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Gold Miner Pest control has been doing business in Placer and Nevada Country for nearly 20 years and this includes pest control in Penn Valley. Our recent trip to Penn Valley was to help out a customer with a rattlesnake problem. In this case, it was a baby rattlesnake, which is more dangerous than an adult.

Rattlesnakes are often called the “gentlemen” of the snake world because they warn you before they strike. Unfortunately, this isn’t true, or even possible for a baby rattlesnake. The reason for this is that rattlesnakes are not born with their rattles. The rattles are created as the snake sheds it’s skin. When that happens, part of the skin is left behind and becomes the rattle.

A baby rattlesnake will still try to move it’s tail as a warning, but there is no rattle attached to make the louder warning sound. Without the warning, we may not notice until it is too late.

The other reason that baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than the adults is that their bite is usually much more deadly. The venom that they inject is basically the same, but juveniles inject much more. An adult has the ability to control the amount of venom that they inject with each bite, but juvenile rattlesnakes do not. So while the same venom is injected, a victim biten by a baby rattlesnake may get a much larger dose.

By looking at the picture above, it’s easy to see how someone could step right on it without even noticing.

If you find a rattlesnakes around your home, give us a call immediately. Gold Miner Pest Control