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The black widow spider is pretty famous as spiders go. They are commonly seen in movies, and even halloween uses the the mark of the black widow. The black widow spider generally reaches sizes up to about 1.5″ and is known for it’s large abdomen, it’s glossy black color, and the red “hour glass” shape under it’s abdomen. The male black widow is usually smaller and of brownish color. They also have very strong webs, rivalling even silk in strength.

But black widows are primarily known so well for two reasons. One, because in most types of black widows the female eats the male after mating, therefor the “widow” in their name. They are also widely known for being very poisonous. A bite from a black widow spider can be very painful, and in some cases even fatal. If you suspect that you or one of your family members have been bitten by a black widow, it is recommended that you immediately seek medical attention.

Black widows are are solitary and generally reclusive. They prefer dark spaces where they can hide, and will generally only bite defensively. If you live in or around Auburn, CA, then you likely have black widows around your home. The best way to keep black widows out of your home is to have your house sprayed regularly and remove areas where they can hide. The clearer the outside of your home is of debri, the fewer places they will have to create their web.

A monthly or bi-monthy pest control service will put down a spray that will eliminate any black widows, as well as other pests, before they ever have a chance to move into your home. Because black widows are reclusive, and generally hiding out of site, you may not see them until it is already to late. Children and pets are esecially at risk since they can climb into smaller spaces and tend to grab things more often.