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The first day of spring this year officially starts on March 2o. However, for the pests, the first days of spring begins when the weather starts getting warm. We have had a warm winter here in Auburn, CA, which means that the bugs and other pests have been able to keep active through much of the winter. They have been building their nests and numbers and will be out in full force in search of food and water.

Wasps, bees, and ants are the three most common pests you want to be aware of. You can find another short article about them here: Auburn Pest Control. As mentioned in that article, it is easier to prevent them from nesting in your home than it is to get them out once they have established a nest.

For bees and wasps you want to check any small holes into your home as well as overhangs and eaves. If you are seeing bees or wasps searching around your house, it is likely they are either looking for a spot to create a nest or already have one. If you see more than more bee going in and out of one location it is likely they have a nest.

Ants will also be looking to make their way inside your home. They will generally enter your house at the base and search until they find a good entry point, but can also cross on lines or tree branches that are touching a part of your home. In addition to removing fire danger, keeping tree branches off of your home can aslo help keep pests out as well.

Having your home sprayed at the beginning of spring is one of the best things you can do for a pest free spring and summer. It stops pests from ever getting the chance to start a new nest.

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