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Along with the insects, rodents will also be more active as the weather starts to warm up here in Auburn, CA. The fact that we have had a mild winter this year means that both insects and rodents were able to be more active and will likely be in large numbers when spring hits. The key is to stop them before they ever get into your home.

When you think about it, our homes are really the perfect nesting place for rodents. They are dry, temperature controlled, safe from predators, and have a year round supply of food and water. In these ideal conditions, rodents can reproduce very quickly. Since rodents can cause substantial damage, ripping through insulation and wood, and even chewing into pipes and electic wire, we definitely don’t want to let this happen. They can also carry a number of parasites and diseases.

Rodents will usually enter your home through places that are already open. Plugging these holes will greatly reduce the chance of rodents getting into your home. Do a quick survey of your home and find any possible entrances for rodents. Remeber that they can climb through even very small holes. Use steel wool to fill any holes you have found.

It is also important to eliminate any food that might attract rodents such as pet food. Keeping pet food in sealed containers and inside will discourage rodents from moving into your home. Clearing debris around your home will offer less shelter for rodents to hide and nest.

If rodents have already entered your home, please give us a call. You can also click the link below for a free quote.

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Living in the Auburn area means that we get to live surrounded by nature, but that doesn’t mean we want to share our homes with them.