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There are a lot of interesting stories and events going on that aren’t quite long enough to make it to a full post. So, we thought we would post them below into one long post. Everything on how “not” to treat bed bugs to a rat photo contest in New York. Enjoy!


Rat Photo Contest

Rats are common here in Auburn, CA and the surrounding areas. If you hear scratching in your walls or attic, or are finding materials that are chewed in your home, you might have rats. If so, give us a call and we can get rid of them for you. N.Y. Subway workers are taking rats in the subways to a new level of gross.

N.Y. Subway Workers Run “Rate My Rat” photo contest.

Subway workers in New York City are angry over what they claim is a rat infestation in their workplace. Transport Workers Union Local 100 is sponsoring a photo contest for the “nastiest” shot of a rodent and the grand prize is a monthly transit pass!

Commuters are invited to upload their photos to www.ratfreesubways.com and visitors to the website can vote on the most repulsive vermin.

Wow! We can’t even begin to tell you how gross these pictures are! Proceed with caution…



10 Ineffective Methods for Bedbug Treatment

As I was reading the latest news from the Pest Control Industry, I came across the Top 10 Worst Bedbug treatment methods. And while some of these may be somewhat humorous, for many people, bed bugs are no laughing matter.  Furthermore, some of these “treatments” are downright dangerous!

10. Rubbing Alcohol / Baking Soda – a combination of these two common substances applied to your mattress or sofa.

9. Shutting the heat off – trying to freeze bed bugs in winter.

8. WD-40 – WD40 is great, but it’s a lubricant not a pesticide.

7. Olive oil – trying to make your skin too slippery for the bed bug to climb.

6. Do-it-Yourself pesticides – choosing an exterior pesticide, it’s not only dangerous, but ineffective against bed bugs.

5. Night Light – trying to fool the bed bugs by leaving the lights on all night. You might loose sleep, but the bed bugs will still bite.

4. Fire Extinguishers – leaves a real mess, but does not control bed bugs by freezing them.

3. Bug Bombs – not effective for bed bugs, increased pressure can cause explosion. 2. Sulfur – was used in the 18th century, however not suggested today, burning it can cause dangerous gases.

And the #1 worst treatment for bed bugs – Gasoline/kerosene. Using these products on the bed is a smelly situation, never mind the fire hazard – maybe this is where the Fire extinguisher comes in handy! The number one BEST treatment method for bed bug control is calling a professional Pest Management company who specializes in Bed Bug Treatment. (“10 Worst Treatment” list Courtesy of Fred Willey)

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