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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope your Holidays were memorable! We’d like to thank you for being our loyal customers this past year and we hope to continue to serve you in 2012.

Are you all enjoying this wonderful spring-like weather in January!  It’s the perfect time mention a few New Year’s Resolutions for a pest-free home.

1.  I will not perform “do it yourself” pest control with toxic pest control chemicals.

Select a local, professional pest control company that uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.  IPM is a pest control approach that involves understanding each pest in order to prevent breeding and to eradicate pests, using earth-friendly techniques and minimizing the use of toxic chemicals.

2.    I will examine food packaging.

Carefully examine bulk and packaged foods before going through the grocery checkout.  Look for webbing, small holes particularly in the corners of packaging, and “frass” which is the insect’s excrement and may look something like pepper or sawdust in the package.

3.    I will perform anti-pest maintenance on the exterior of my home. 

Ants, spiders, rodents, etc., can squeeze through very small openings in your home’s exterior.  Inspect carefully the interior and exterior of your home and seal any holes or opening with caulk or foam sealant.  This has the added benefit of reducing your home heating bills!  Your local pest control company can provide this service for you if you don’t have the time.

4.   I will practice good firewood pest prevention.

Termites and carpenter ants consider firewood an easy and readily available food source.  And once you’ve brought them inside, they’re happy to infest your home’s structure.  Inspect any logs before you bring them inside and burn the oldest logs first.  Stack firewood outside, at least 5 feet away from your home, but more is better.  Don’t spray insecticides on your firewood; many chemicals are more toxic when burned.  Instead, call your local pest control company to perform an inspection.

With a little Integrated Pest Management on your part, in partnership with your local pest control company, you’ll enjoy a pest-free New Year!

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