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Barn Owl

Photo Courtesy of Peter Trimming copyright Creative Commons

The HOOT project

Glen Prichard, a businessman in Southern California, is taking pest control to a new level to benefit California farmers.  He is part of a group of organizations including the Wolf Education & Research Center, Nature’s Remedy, and Owl Brand Discovery Kits which collectively formed The HOOT Project.

Their purpose is to “promote conservation and education about sound ecology practices without compromising the bottom line of private enterprise.”  What does all that mean?  The HOOT Project erects nesting boxes for barn owls in farmers’ fields.  The barn owl, says Prichard, is “perhaps the most efficient rodent management tool on the planet.”  The nesting boxes also provide a place for the barn owls to raise their young safely.

Prichard says a donation of $250 will cover the life of the nesting box, about 5 to 7 years.  You can learn more at www.Facebook.com/TheHOOTProject.

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