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It’s fall in the foothills! The rains will be here before we know it, and most Auburn Pest Control companies recommend you prepare your home and property for the insects and wildlife that will looking for shelter during the winter months.

Here are some tips for “winterizing” your home against pest invasions:

Ants:  The first winter rains inevitably bring an invasion of ants.  Many species of ants nest in the ground and the winter rains cause their nests to flood.  Perhaps you’ve seen them trail while carrying their eggs.  They are looking for a drier place to establish a new nest—hopefully, not in your subarea, or in the walls of your home.  They quite often use tree branches and shrubbery as a “highway.”  The best prevention here is to keep tree limbs and shrubbery cleared away from the roof and exterior walls of your home.

Snakes and Scorpions:  If you live in a rural area, snakes and scorpions like to nest under the thick cushion of leaves around tree trunks, wood and rock piles, and high grass and brush.  Clear at least a 5-foot area around the perimeter of your home.  Stack firewood at least 5 feet away from the house.

Skunks, Raccoons, Rodents, etc.:  These critters love to get into the subarea and make a nice cozy home for winter.  Exclude them by making sure you have a secure door or screen covering over the entrance to the subarea of your home.

And finally, just a general rule, weed whack around the foundation of your home to make sure it’s clear of any debris.  This will enable your pest control technician do a good job for you by laying down a good chemical barrier around the perimeter.  Now, while the weather is still nice for working outside, is the time to make sure you have done all you can to exclude any unwanted invaders.

Did you know that Gold Miner Pest Control offers exclusion services?  We can install flashing, seal your subarea, and caulk any entrance points to prevent insect and wildlife invasions in your home.  Call us today!

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