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Huge Rat

Look at the size of this rat!!  16 inches including the tail! Did you know rats are very difficult to bait and trap?  They are naturally suspicious of anything new placed in their environment.  But if you eliminate their food supply (pick up any spent fruit and windfall from your fruit trees and keep household garbage in sealed, inaccessible containers, and no pet food left outdoors) they will eventually get hungry enough to be tempted by the bait.

Oh, and one more thing…as winter approaches and temperatures get cooler, rats and mice will be looking not only for food but for shelter.  Carefully check around your home for any entrance areas.  Most people are surprised to know that a rat or mouse can squeeze themselves into an opening of only ¼ inch.  Favorite entrance areas are around utility conduits entering your home, the subarea, and check that your doors and windows have a snug fit.


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