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Paper Wasp NestOur customers in the Auburn, CA area are experiencing a larger than usual population of paper wasps around their homes, probably due to our long hot summer.  Does it seem that we’ve had more than our usual 90+ degree days this year?

The paper wasp isn’t as aggressive as the yellowjacket, but if their nests are in close proximity to where we live & play, they can certainly be bothersome!  They can inflict a painful sting, and can sting repeatedly.  Some people are allergic and their stings can be life threatening.

The paper wasp is sometimes called the umbrella wasp due to the shape of its nest, which is attached by a small stem to the underside of eaves, porch ceilings, or attic rafters.  The nest is the work of a single female, and the fertilized female will overwinter while the workers will die after the first hard freeze.  They are usually black with yellow markings (looking very similar to yellowjackets) but can also be brownish to reddish in color.  They are attracted to sweets and especially ripe fruit, not to mention our picnic table!

Control of paper wasps is a two step process, spraying AND removing the nest.  One step without the other is ineffective.  If the nest is removed without spraying, the wasps will simply rebuild.  If spraying is done but the nest is left, the old nest can become a source of carpet beetle infestation.

Control of paper wasps also runs some risk of being stung, all the more reason to call us! We have the tools, we have the know-how, and our technicians are fearless!

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