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raccoon face

The foothills are a natural habitat for raccoons, so it’s no surprise we get a lot of calls for raccoon control in the Auburn, CA and Colfax, CA surrounding areas.  There are several approaches to managing raccoon problems—habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping. Of these methods, the first two are easy to accomplish.

Habitat modification simply means removal of food and shelter opportunities.  Here are some tips:

  • Use metal garbage cans with secure lids and place the cans in a rack or tie them to a post to prevent raccoons from tipping them over.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors overnight.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and nuts frequently.
  • Clear brush and shrubbery away to prevent raccoons from using as a den site.

Exclusion is the key to prevent raccoons from establishing their den in your home.

Flashing is an easy method of exclusion.  This photo shows flashing we installed for a customer on her deck post.  Raccoons were climbing to the upper level of the deck to feast on pet food that had been left out.

Ensure you have a screen (spark arrestor) over your chimney—a favorite den site.

Access panels to subareas should be tightly secured.

Trim tree branches away from roofs to prevent access to chimney and attic space.

Finally, a word about trapping.  In California raccoons are classified as furbearers, which means trapping and relocation are regulated.  We have the appropriate licensing and training to humanely trap raccoons and other wildlife.

Please remember that raccoons, although beautiful animals, have very sharp teeth and pointy claws!  As any wild animal when threatened, they can be vicious.  Give us a call !  We perform complete inspection, exclusion, and trapping services throughout Placer and Nevada Counties.

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