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Here is a yellowjacket nest that Ted found doing pest control in Gold Run, CA. Yellowjackets are ground and cavity nesters, such as we see here, inside the wall of this home.  The insulation inside the wall makes for a perfect nesting material.  If left uncontrolled, they will chew the interior sheetrock for additional nesting material, eventually breaking through to the interior of the home.

Yellowjackets provide a great service by killing large numbers of other insects, but they become a problem when they nest near humans since they will vigorously defend their nest when disturbed.  Defensive behavior increases as the Fall season approaches when the colony has grown larger and food becomes more scarce.  At this time of year, a colony that was begun in Spring can already have reached a population of up to 15,000.

If a colony has been established within the walls of your home, you may see a small wet patch that develops a hole in the interior wall or ceiling.  Or if you see yellowjackets entering an opening around plumbing or wiring on the exterior, like this home in Gold Run, call us today!



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