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Another Rattlesnake

Another rattlesnake in Auburn, CA!  This is a large rattlesnake and was on the walkway, near the front door, of a customer’s home in Auburn, CA.

It’s rattlesnake season now, folks.  This is the time of year the young are hatching.

We’ve often been asked if baby rattlesnakes are more venomous.  Well, yes and no.  It’s not like their venom is more poisonous, but they haven’t learned to control their glands yet.  When an adult rattlesnake strikes, it’s usually in defense and the snake will bite but not always inject venom.  Or if an adult does inject, they will quickly release. The baby rattlers, on the other hand, don’t know to release.  So if they bite you, they inject their venom and their glands just keep pumping the poison.  Furthermore, the baby snakes haven’t developed their rattles yet, so you won’t hear them. 

The best defense is to keep brush and debris clear from around your home and property.  Stack your firewood away from your house.  Pay special attention to crevices around your home and sidewalks where they like to hide.  Wear hiking boots and long pants or jeans if hiking.  In other words, just be alert!

And don’t forget to call us!! We are specialists in snake (and wildlife) removal. Also, we can inspect your home and property and advise you on the best prevention methods.

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