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The weather is playing tricks on all the bugs. Eggs are hatching and there are ants, spiders, and flying insects out and about.

Ted treated a home in Lincoln, Ca for their Semi-Annual pest control spray and the customer was telling him that usually he’ll postpone his pest control until March, but with all the flying gnats & moths he’s been seeing, he was glad to see Ted pull up in the driveway.

The problem with all these hatchings is everything thinks it’s Spring, so the bugs are moving. Well in a few weeks when the heavy storms roll back in & we get down to freezing or even below freezing, all those nests will die. So, come Spring, the Honey Bees will be late or almost non-existent, it will be a later season for the ants, and things will re-nest and hatch out when you least expect it. This is why we really recommend you stay on your regular Bi-Monthly service, so you continually keep that barrier of spray around your home, inside & out. When things hatch, there’s no getting through!