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Did you lose a cat?

If wildlife is bringing your cat home, it’s time to call
Gold Miner Pest Control and Wildlife Management!

Did you know Gold Miner Pest Control and Wildlife Management offers live and humane wildlife trapping and removal services?

Our customers in the Auburn and Colfax areas and the rural areas of Placer and Nevada counties will be happy to know that we hold a California Department of Fish & Game Trapping License.

We offer the added services of humane trapping, removal and/or re-release of the following animals: Skunks, raccoons, wild pigs, opossums, coyotes, squirrels, gophers, moles, voles & snakes. We also offer exclusion services for birds and bats.

P.S. We saw this picture floating around on the Internet and just couldn’t resist.  It’s not real…but someone did a great job in PhotoShop! We hope you enjoyed the chuckle!