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We got a call late yesterday from one of our loyal(10+ year customer) in Colfax, CA.  She had a bit of a skunk issue!  Apparently, in the middle of the night, two skunks went under her house to mate & another male skunk wandered in & started a fight with the other male. They sprayed all under the house & the smell was so bad, coming through their vents, they were forced to sleep in their motor home.
Gold Miner Pest Control & Wildlife Management to the rescue. Ted went out, set up three traps, and this morning we got a call that we caught one. He went out and got the captured skunk (without getting sprayed too bad) and left the traps out to try and catch the other two. At the end of the job,  to our surprise, we ended up catching a total of  four skunks. So if you ever experience a skunk issue or other wildlife animal issues and you live in Roseville, CA, Rocklin, CA, Lincoln, CA, Auburn, CA, Grass Valley,CA, Nevada City, CA, Meadow Vista, CA, Colfax,CA, Alta, CA, or throughout Placer or Nevada counties give us a call.