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Enjoying the outdoors is one of the greatest parts of living in Placer and Nevada counties (Auburn,CA, Colfax,CA, Grass Valley,CA, Lincoln,CA,Nevada City,CA,Meadow Vista, CA, Roseville,CA,  Rocklin, CA, Alta,CA). However, when yellow jackets are constantly attacking you in the Summer months, when you are trying to BBQ, picnic, or do just about anything outside, it can be a real hassle.  To avoid this, Gold Miner Pest Control recommends you put out your yellow jacket traps in April.

Spring is when the queens start to hatch and venture out to start new nests. You want to catch them in the traps before they nest in or around your home. Place the traps 30′ away from your house on a tree branch or on fences. A hot dog, wet cat food, or meat is a perfect treat to put in the traps. Just remember to replace it every three to four weeks. If there are live yellow jackets in the traps, put the traps in the freezer over night and then empty the traps and add the new bait.

If you have any questions about setting up the traps, don’t hesitate to give Gold Miner Pest Control a call.  Or Contact us by email using the link below.


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