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Now that spring is just around the corner, insects and other pests will be coming out like crazy. The most common Auburn pest control problems in Spring are ants and bees and wasps. During the cold Auburn winter these creatures are relatively dormant, though may have already infiltrated your house. Once the weather starts warming up these pests will be more active and will start working to expand their nests.

Auburn is a beautiful place to live, but living in the foothills means that we are in constant battle trying to keep ants, bees, wasps, and other pests out of our homes. Once ants or wasps have established a nest, their numbers can multiply very quickly. Ants not only get into food, but they can also eat away at your house. Wasps can be especially aggressive, have a painful sting and bite, and can nest where you least expect them. Since their numbers can multiply so quickly it makes it difficult to kill off a nest.

Since it is much easier to keep them from nesting in your house than getting the nest out once it has already been started, one of the most important things you can do is have your house sprayed in late winter/very early spring. This layer of residual spray stops ants and wasps (and all insects) from entering/nesting in or around your home.

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